The Lens Is Our Livelihood


Molly and Aaron’s Story
We’ve always loved video and film. Both of us. One of us loved to make films instead of handing in papers in school (Aaron) and the other grew up with a video camera always filming home movies (Molly). And we’ve always loved storytelling. One of us would act out movie plots in his room (Aaron) and the other would make her family act out plays (Molly). So it’s no surprise that together we found that we shared something artistically in common: video storytelling.

It took us a while to figure out what we were supposed to do in life and also to make a living. Molly’s dad always told her, “Do what you love, but find a way to make money at it.” We were making dramatic short films as a creative venture, when our cousin told us we should try videography. This strange word held such promise.

For the past nine years we have been partners in our video company called The Silver Screen, Inc. We started out primarily as wedding videographers and have branched off into more commercial/corporate work and photography. But whatever the project…it’s the story that’s still important to us, just like when we were kids. Now, as adults, we just have bigger toys.

We both have our different skills and talents that range from novel and children’s writing, to playwriting and photography, but we’ve found that when we combine our passions and ideas we can create more than either of us could have accomplished alone. Is it always easy to be married and work and create together? Not always, but most often it’s creative synergy. Much of what we do is filming mini-documentaries, whether it’s a wedding day or a corporate video. It’s about people’s lives and passions and that is what excites us about creating video content. We both have an insatiable need to tell the best story we can with whatever medium we choose to work in, and we challenge and inspire each other towards excellence. Just like this article, one of us started it and the other will make it better…and that’s how it works!


Photo by Christine McGuigan

About Molly and Aaron
Molly and Aaron are co-owners of the full service video production company The Silver Screen, Inc. as well as Aaron Zavitz Photography. Their video clients include KANEKO, Omaha Steaks, Blue Barn Theatre, Catering Creations, Metropolitan Community College, Joslyn Castle and many more. Both have fine arts degrees from UNO where they met–Molly, a degree in Art History, and Aaron, a degree in Dramatic Arts. They are co-founders of Hunger Artist Films, a film collaborative where they have received film awards from Hot Shop Film Festival, Omaha Film Festival, Metropolitan Community College, Sony/Videomaker Magazine, and Indie Fest. Their greatest creation to date is their daughter, Alexandria, born in 2012. Currently, they are co-writing a feature length screenplay.

Audio/Video Is My Livelihood

Nate’s Story
When you think about what it means to make something, your mind usually drifts to the Nate Gasawaytangible items that are created every day: a bridge, an automobile, a painting. But my livelihood revolves around making things that are not tangible. Audio and video create an experience, a feeling, and hopefully a reaction. As a video producer, I use cameras, music, and computers to try to create an experience and give a viewer the opportunity to connect with a brand.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This dude makes commercials, and commercials are not art.” Allow me to counter that opinion with a question. What is art besides an avenue for a connection? It’s an invitation to feel something, or maybe to look at something in a way that you’ve never looked at it before. A good commerc…ahem, let’s call it a brand video…does just that. It uses sight, sound, motion, and emotion to leave a viewer with something more than information on a product, a memory of an experience connected to a brand or the people that make that brand.

What gets me up in the morning, and keeps me doing what I do, is the search for that connection. That’s what I love. When someone emotionally connects with something that I created, that is the goal. If they happen to want or need the product or service that my client is selling, that’s cool too…and it’s totally up to them. I get to use my creativity every single day to make a living, pay my mortgage, and take my girlfriend to a nice dinner from time to time. I think that’s a pretty good livelihood. And, as for any unused creativity that’s left after my day job…well… that’s why God created rock bands.

About NateNate Gasaway
Nate Gasaway is Video Producer at REBEL INTERACTIVE and guitarist/songwriter/singer in Omaha band The Big Deep. He lives in Omaha and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in broadcast journalism. He now spends his time trying to find cool things to plant in his yard, writing songs, and making videos.