Clay and Fun Are My Livelihood

Enjoy a reblog of: Clay And Fun Are My Livelihood by Iggy Sumnik, this month’s featured artist in the Fred Simon Gallery at the Nebraska Arts Council.

What's Your Livelihood?

Iggy’s Storydotted cone
It started in Detroit as a kid when I took a class in ceramics. I was attracted to fire and heat and the fact that you need muscle to carry around the heavy clay. My instructor was someone I could ask questions of, like if certain ideas were good or if the piece could hold together structurally. He encouraged me to explore for myself whether it was going to work or not, and let failures be a natural part of the learning and creativity process.

I asked myself what was going to be fun for me and I decided I wanted to make my existence to revolve around creating with clay. And so I continued to push myself.

I got my degree in ceramics and sculpture, and when I finished school, I worked forsigns a year at Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery doing outreach for youth. Not long after that…

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